What's the best way to cook a Hickory Hills Boneless Ham this holiday season? Find out in our How to Heat section.
Hickory Hills Boneless Ham
With a Cumberland Gap Hickory Hills Boneless Ham, you have the best of both worlds...a superior value in a full muscle ham that's available in a variety of styles; wholes, halfs, and quarters, round or flat. In the Cumberland Gap tradition, all Hickory Hill products are naturally hickory smoked, trimmed, and superior in taste.

Take one home today.
Features and Benefits
  • All whole and half hams are produced from full muscles.

  • Naturally hickory smoked and trimmed 95% fat free in the Cumberland Gap tradition.
  • Provides an alternative in value and style to meet the needs of a variety of customers.
  • High quality and value Hickory Hills hams are manufactured and vacuum packed under rigid quality control for consistent taste, color and shelf life.

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