Cumberland Gap
Try the McGregor Family Recipe for Glazed Ham Steak & Sweet Potatoes with our Ham Steak.
Hickory Smoked Ham Steaks, Slices, and Pork Chops
Cumberland Gap Ham Steaks, Slices, and Pork Chops -- the perfect balance of premium quality, naturally hickory smoked flavor, rich appearance, and great taste. The best cuts from the best hams and loins, super retirmmed to provide up to 97% fat free products you'll love to take home...time after time.
Features and Benefits
  • Super retrimmed cushions assure up to 97% fat free ham steaks and customer satisfaction.
  • Packaged in convenient consumer sizes for a fast meal.
  • Naturally smoked for a true hickory smoked taste.
  • Premium steaks, slices, and chops from the highest quality hams and loins...trimmed and vacuum packed for consistent taste, color and shelf life.

Mountain-Smoked with 100% Real Hickory Wood
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