Cumberland Gap
Try the McGregor Family Recipe for Easy Ham & Macaroni Supper with our Dice Ham.
Hickory Smoked Hocks, Shanks, Jowls, and Bacon
Great taste, great price...a great value. That's the tradition of all Cumberland Gap specialty products. Whether it's our naturally smoked half ham shanks, square cut or slice jowl bacon, cubed or diced ham, or sliced bacon, you'll enjoy the convenience, quality and taste...
time after time.
Features and Benefits
  • Hickory smoked jowl bacon is square trimmed or sliced for convenience.

  • Lean and tender sliced bacon in the Cumberland Gap Tradition and in convenient 1 pound net weight packages.
  • Hearty large cubes of lean ham -- great for seasoning soups or vegetables!
  • Smaller cubes of lean ham -- the perfect size for salads, omelets, scrambled eggs, quiche and pizzas.
  • Cumberland Gap products are naturally smoked for a true hickory flavor.

Mountain-Smoked with 100% Real Hickory Wood
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