Cumberland Gap
Try the McGregor Family Recipe for Spicy Apple-Cranberry Sauce with these products.
Premium Boneless and Semi-Boneless Hams
Cumberland Gap half and whole boneless hams are not only
made from the best seamed and retrimmed major muscles,
but are a high quality product at a reasonable price.

Our Semi-Boneless Hams provide rich, true-bone-in premium
flavor of premium, smoked ham for all-seasons and there's
more! Our mini ham is ideal for quick convenient meals
or snacks. The whole and half Honey Hams are cured
with natural them that rich flavor you want.

The Cumberland Gap Tradition of Quality
is sure to delight you again and again.
Features and Benefits
  • Mini hams are up to 96% fat free and the ideal size for a quick meal or snack.

  • Honey hams are 97% fat free and cured with natural honey for that extra rich flavor customers want.
  • Naturally smoked to provide the true hickory taste customers prefer.
  • Superior trimming and unique size make the Semi-boneless line a popular year around choice.
  • Trimmed and vacuum packed under rigid quality control for consistent taste, appearance and shelf life.

Mountain-Smoked with 100% Real Hickory Wood
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